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The Story of the Loner.

Hollywood can be a lonely place. I've spent close to ten years in 'the city of Angels'. 

You make friends quickly in this town, people who just like you have packed up their lives in the pursuit of happiness. That happiness comes in the form of a dream, or the form of some small hope to a brighter future. 

Many of these "friends" made in my early days however, weren't real friends at all. 'The city of Angels' can quite often be a place full of demons. As we all do, I slowly learnt who was real, who was fake and who would often talk poorly of me once I wasn't with the group.

A person's intentions may very well begin good, but I believe that power, fame, and fortune will always bring out the true character qualities of any individual. The good will become great, and the bad will be ugly.

I found my place in this city eventually. Although often alone, my place was my home. Sadly my story is not unique, and far too often this tales belongs to more than many. We have all came across our fair share of snakes and ladders along this long drifting boulevard of Dreams.

I would often hike to the top of the Hollywood sign to take in the ever changing sunsets that this city somehow produces. On this particular evening, I was making my way back at Dusk. Suddenly for the first time I came across a wild coyote. He too was making his way down the mountain. 

At a certain point I knew he would directly cross the Hollywood sign. I kept up my pace and as a result I was lucky enough to capture this unique moment. 

'The Lone Coyote' and his journey through the woods we call Holly.

Maybe I related to him, or maybe it's what this moment relays back to me. A simple message...

Keep pushing on, dusk till dawn, darkness till day light. The loner suits me just fine, if it means I'm in full pursuit of that dream I once dreamt.